How To Monetize Your Influence With LadyBossBlogger’s founder Elaine Rau

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Where To Start To Monetize Your Influence? 

You want to have a social media presence? You want to build a following and a constant income as an influencer and blogger but don’t know where to start? You aren’t alone and I’m here to tell you that with the right tools and dedication, it can be done. So now you ask, what tools do I need exactly? Where do I find them? 

The answers to all of these questions are in @LadyBossBlogger’s course, “Make Money As An Influencer”. I have partnered with Elaine Rau and her team to bring awareness to the true beauty of the knowledge she is releasing and the essence of the work needed to be successful in this industry. 

In it, you will find tips on things such as:

  • How to create the right caption 
  • Using insights and demographics 
  • How companies view you when your page is on the right/wrong track 

I know, for me, I jumped into this blogging and influencer lifestyle thinking I would just “get it!” That miraculously, I would grow overnight and work with top brands right away. I also underestimated the power of being organized and persistent. 

To be honest, my thoughts went a little like this, “My family is cute and full of energy! We are always on an adventure, who wouldn’t like us?! I got this!” I legitimately thought that was all I needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong so listen close so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. 

The goal is to work smarter, not harder, right!? Before I go any further, be sure to SIGN UP! Be sure to use promo code “JAHNEISSGROCE” for 40% off. 

LadyBossBlogger has an array of courses that Elaine Rau has curated, “Make Money As An Influencer” is just the one I felt I personally needed the most. 

How Does Elaine Rau Breakdown The Courses?

Elaine uses the Teachable platform to run her courses and let me just say, I had not one technical difficulty using the site, NOT ONE!! From signing up to the flow of the course, everything went smooth as butter! 

And with the course having different sections that include:

  • Intro
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Pitching
  • Brands
  • Legal
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus materials…

Things need to run smoothly to optimize your ability to retain all this amazing information. After all, that’s what you came here for right!?

Second, one thing I loved the most is that she didn’t just give tips and leave you to it! Elaine incorporated links for every tool she recommends for a successful blog. These links included links for auto-posting apps, affiliate brands she recommends working with, websites that help you get seen by brands and calendars to help those who aren’t sure what exactly to post everyday. 

The calendar was the most helpful to me because there are days I don’t post because my mind has gone blank and I have blogging/instagramming block (get it, like writer’s block haha! Don’t worry, you’ll get it later!). You can go back to the links and calendars even after the course is concluded! Sign up and don’t forget the promo code, “JAHNEISSGROCE” AT CHECKOUT.

Lastly but certainly not least, she also includes examples of her work and success with affiliate companies. Look at it as her own personal testimony! Elaine shares things that one would never put out for the public to see such as earnings and conversations between her and other brands. 

Honestly, that made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease! I felt a sense of true intent, like she really wants me to succeed! Her personal stories truly helped me retain what she was teaching me. Between that and the constant emails to make sure I was still thriving and didn’t need any assistance, I almost felt like we had become friends (don’t mind me, I’m extra friendly like that haha). 

You Have A Chance To Win This Course! 

Don’t know if you are ready to spend the money on something not promised? I know you asked this question, because I have too! I have a surprise for you that makes the decision a lot easier. I am partnering up with LadyBossBlogger for a chance for you to win a FREE course of your choice! 

If you are ready to start your media presence, build a following and have a constant income as an influencer and blogger. Head over to my Instagram to enter the giveaway! Here are the rules to enter.

In The Meantime Get 40% Off LadyBossBlogger Course!

Not only do I have a promo code for you, “JAHNEISSGROCE”, but a portion of all proceeds go to “The Micah Project,” an organization in Honduras for young men and boys! They provide shelter, an outreach program and much more. You aren’t just investing in yourself, but you are also giving back to the youth of our world. 

There is no way you can lose, so what are you waiting for!

Good luck on your journey and remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself!

And that’s all folks, till next time…

Jahneiss Groce   

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