Body Positivity: Loving the Skin You Are In

Who else feels that it is hard to look at those old pictures and wonder how you went from that to where you are now? You know, the now that is after kids, marriage, possible health issues, all the changes that come with life! 

Well let me tell you, my hand is raised and waving proud cause that was so me after having our youngest daughter. I just couldn’t comprehend how I reached that number on the scale. I was active, I ate semi healthy lol, I mean, I felt like I was doing pretty good! So, when I stepped on a scale, or tried to put on those prebaby jeans, I was like a deer in headlights trying to figure out where I went wrong!

It was then that I realized, I didn’t go wrong at all, I evolved and went through normal changes that comes with growth in your life. How dare I put the expectations on myself that I will just look in my 30’s that way I looked in my 20’s without any work! Life comes with many changes and with those changes, everything has to fall in line including the things we did or didn’t need to do to look and feel our best those many years ago.

When you were in your 20’s, you could eat a burger every day and not gain a pound, now, you can just look at a burger and gain 10! That’s not a bad thing, that just means you have to put a little more effort in to getting those 10 lbs. off or maybe not eat a burger EVERYDAY lol. Your body isn’t the same after having children, growing in a healthy relationship (happy weight) or just aging all together! That also comes with other things that change like your activity or lack thereof now versus then and so on. It is so important to remember these things when you look in the mirror every day.  For you to see the beauty in where you are right now in life because it all tells a story, your story! 

There is no way you can truly appreciate your future or even reach your future goals without being positive about where you are now. You have to love you now so that when you reach your goals, that love can grow organically for your new self and you can appreciate it that much more. Appreciation will also help you not feel like it’s not good enough and that’s a dangerous path.  

Love the skin you are in ladies and gentlemen! It has done some miraculous things for you and will continue to as you go through your journey to be your best self! 

Thanks for stopping by and remember, you are beautiful always, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

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