Our Great Wolf Lodge Adventure: Review of Resort Post Quarantine

Who else had plans that were turned upside down by COVID?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we had already planned 4 vacations for the whole year! We sat down for hours one day planning how we were going to pay for our trip to Jamaica for our anniversary, a Disney trip for all 4 of us (our favorite place to take our babies), a Cabo trip with my church (mommy time) and a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for a little summer fun! We were about to truly live our best life in 2020 and was so excited for the coming months (passports bought, down payments made and everything)!

As you already know, that all changed really quick and all plans went up in flames! The only one we were able to revive was the Great Wolf Lodge getaway in Grapevine, Tx and I’m so glad we were able to getaway and have a little fun!

They have many locations all over the country, so if you are looking for a good time in a controlled atmosphere, then this is the place for you! There is fun for the whole family and this place exudes family fun and unity with all the activities that everyone of all ages can partake in.

First, I want to tell you all there is to do at the resort and how it all works!

  1. There are TWO water parks!!! The main one is Indoor but there is a smaller one that is outside but only open during good weather conditions.  
  2. There offer activity passes for the little ones that are basic ally a prepaid key to different amenities and activities around the resort. They have 3 different tiers (Pup Pass, Paw Pass and Wolf Pass)
  3.  They have scheduled shows and parties that you can attend such as story time with an appearance from one of the characters, dance party and kids yoga!
  4. The rooms, oh the rooms! They have so many options to choose from but our favorite was the KidKamp suite. They have three of their suits set up with a “cabin” area for the kids with bunk beds and a TV. It’s like their own suite within the suite. A little bit more pricey but definitely worth the money!
  5.   Some of the amenities include an arcade, build-a-bear and the magiquest and compass quest games where you receive a magic wand or belt to participate in. The girls loved the wand and the process to making them “magical” at the wand shop was quite amazing. 
  6.  They offer a “birthday package” for an extra fee that provides balloons, a $10 credit to the arcade, a free ice cream coupon and a birthday sign on your door upon arrival. This was truly magical for our 4 year old who was already so excited because the day we drove there was her actual birthday!!

Now, Here is my review of the resort post quarantine:

  1. I really loved that I saw so many people walking around cleaning the place throughout the whole day, every day. The only thing is they aren’t cleaning rooms daily, only after check out. So, we had to call for towels and supplies and our old towels were left until we checked out. While I understand the reason behind that decision, I was a little taken back by that in the beginning. 
  2. They weren’t requiring mask, it was a recommended. Now, I’m going to be honest, we wore mask walking in the first day but didn’t at any other time. Looking back I regret that and thank God we didn’t contract the virus. No one else was wearing them (except a few older individuals) so that sort of made us forget to wear them ourselves. Now, this was before mask was mandatory so that makes a bit of a difference.
  3. They did a really good job in most areas at promoting social distancing so we were very happy about that. They only allowed so many families in the restaurant at a time and they made you make a “reservation” to attend the activities such as story time and the dance party. 

Overall, we truly enjoyed our time and are planning to return in April of 2021 for our oldest daughter’s 8thbirthday! I hope you have enjoyed your journey to the Great Wolf Lodge through our eyes and ill see you in the next blog!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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