How We are Learning to Read using the “Rhyme to Read” Program

I’ve heard so many moms say the same thing, “children are coming in this world much more advanced than the old days!” With that comes the yearn to fuel that perception by beginning to teach our little ones earlier than we would normally expect to! 

With our 4 year old having a big sister, she began taking interest in things such as reading around 2 but, I’m not a teacher so I have been pretty clueless as to how to teach her the fundamentals of reading. With “ Rhyme to Read,” they combine graphics and words to help engage and excite your child while they learn using the rhyming word technique.

What I love the most is they have different ways to use the rhyming words technique. One of Autumns favorites are the flash cards. She is a “search and find” type of child so she loves the idea of picking up a new card and placing it under the correct spot. 

They also have a “Spell it Out” section where the kiddo can apply the words they just learned in a deeper way that will further help them to retain the word, how to spell it and pronounce it. It also poses as a great way to work on letter sounds, “a is for a-a-apple!”

Then the fun part comes when they have to pull together everything they have learned with the “Build a Sentence” activity! You use the flash cards to build your sentence and then have your little one read the sentence they built out loud and viola, they can READ!! 

Once you complete the activities, they have put together books that your little can sit and read to you that a written around the words they have learned. its a great way to apply the things they have learned so that they can further comprehend what reading is all about. The books get a little more in-depth as your little one progresses through them as well, further making their reading skills sharper than a blade!!!!

You can download and do it all from the computer or you can print it out and create a book out of it! Here is the link to how to assemble your “Rhyme to Read” book for your little reader!

This program is not just educational, but a fun way to bring the family together for a fun adventure full of laughter, education and memories of the first time you heard your little one read successfully! It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Here is the link for began your reading journey with your little one!

Have fun and enjoy the moment friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and I can’t wait to hear how your little is thriving with the “Rhyme to Read” system! Don’t forget get to subscribe to the site to be the first to know when a new blog drops! See you next time my loves!! 

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