How to Conquer Body Positivity in Our Youth

In this day and age, the fuel used to force negative thinking on our appearance is all around us! In the entertainment news, social media platforms, schools, work place, you name it, it’s there waiting for the opportunity to affect and intimidate you and the core of who you are. From skin color to hair texture, we as a people are forced to evaluate our worth and value on a constant basis because those around us make us feel inadequate and unworthy!

Is this only an adult issue?  The answer is NO! Our little ones have already dealt with, at only 7 and 4 years old, insecurities, bullying and a yearn to want to change their appearance because of the world around them! It is my mission to make sure they grow up to know that God made them perfect just the way they are! We as a community, have to build up our children and come together to ensure that they have no doubt about who they are or how they fit in to this world and society. Here are our top 5 resources we use to help to instill these values in our children as their parents ya and their leaders:

Often as parents, we tend to want to force how we feel and what we think on our children without hearing them first. While that may work in the moment for creating a respect for you with them, it poses some challenges as they get older and need to come to their parent for guidance but don’t feel like they will be heard! Listen to them and help them feel like their home is a safe space for all things that come with growing years! has resources to help you and your child if you find a need for it after having those hard talks!

There a little things we can do such as a different hair style without changing the texture of their hair or adding some accessories to their look to help them feel a little extra special and has lots of options for children accessories and curly hair tutorials that we have grown to absolutely love! Doing these little things has helped them see the beauty in themselves and how to make it work for them. Be sure to stand firm in your beliefs on changing for others and your little one will trust that to be true no matter what.

There are so many books out there to help guide your child and aid them in loving themselves just the way they are. One book we are enjoying is “Everybody Love Your Body” by Paulette and Harper Bonneur! This book talks about little girl who loves her body for what it is and species what do unique about her! Books like this can be so beneficial and can allow you and your child to engage in a bonding experience that will deepen their understanding of what you are trying to instill in them!

The LoveLand Foundation is a great place to seek professional help to aid you and your family in understanding your child’s feelings and giving you tools to help in the process. They strive to impact the community and bring healing to those in need and access to resources and initiatives to guide our community but more so our black women and girls.

Together, we can make a difference in our youth and communities. We have to stand for change in how are young girls are impacted by the world around them. It starts with us! Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to know when a new blog drops! See you real soon!!

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