The New Black Friday Is Now with The Flipp App

Who else noticed that Black Friday is right around the corner?

Usually, during this time of year I am anxiously waiting for the Black Friday ads to drop and combing through them to plan my route for the highly anticipated day! Now that I have the Flipp shopping app, I have all the savings right at my fingertips with ads and savings from over 2000 retailers.  

The New Black Friday is Now, and with the help of Flipp, it couldn’t be easier to get the best deals. All you need to do is download the app, create an account and put in your zip code! It even allows you to select some of your favorite retailers, which helps the app prioritize your list specifically for you! A feature that will come in handy is the Black Friday Carousel, especially for those of us who will be toting around the little ones, to ensure we grab all the great deals no matter what! 

I know I’m excited to scratch some things off of my little ones’ Christmas lists and save more than ever before, how about you?! Download the Flipp app and browse through their Black Friday carousel. While you are at it, head over to their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on deals, savings, and shopping tips!I can’t wait to see what deals the Flipp app helps you all score this holiday season!! 

Happy Shopping Friends!!

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