Content Capturing Survival Guide: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Images Are Instagram Ready

Hello there! It’s so great to see you here in my corner of the world! I hope you have been well and are ready to dive into this blog that will tell you all you need to know about getting the perfect image for your platform and your audience! Lets start by acknowledging that you are doing amazing but with every goal that we want in life, there has to be growth to ensure success! I didn’t realize in the beginning how important it was to have a certain caliber of images until I began being more intentional and let me tell you, my engagement and share rate grew better than my wildest dreams. So lets dive into it, shall we!!

The “Marriage Monday” set up with the studio lighting from Amazon

1. Be sure to have great lighting! You would be surprised how much bad lighting can alter a picture! From the clarity to the vibrance, it truly alters so much and determines the quality and performance of the image. At the end of this blog, you will find links to the lighting equipment that we have purchased from Amazon. Have a home that is modern and dim, so do we and it was impossible to get great images before finding this lighting! It was the best investment and total game changer!

BEFORE removing the man walking in the blue shirt
After removing the man walking in the blue shirt

2. . Be sure to remove all clutter from the shot! Even if its just a sock, remove it! Anything in the picture that shouldn’t be is a distraction. You want people to really focus on what you want to say in the picture, not the pile of laundry you need to fold or the stop sign in the picture because you were outside. Don’t worry, there’s an app called YouCam Perfect that can eliminate anything from an image, ANYTHING. One of my three go to apps that I use for almost every picture. Once you download it, report back and tell me what you think and ask any questions you may have as well. It took me awhile to figure it out as well so im here to help!

We matched the brands colors here!
Here, we knew we were taking pictures at this wall so we wore white so that we wouldn’t clash with the colors
We had a white background so we chose to be bold in this shoot!

3. Try not to have to much boldness in the picture from all angels! What do I mean by boldness? So, you see a beautiful mural, with bright colors and patterns galore! You want to get a selfie in front of it because it will be a great shot, right!? Well if you are wearing white or a neutral, pattern less outfit than yes, it’s a perfect shot! But if you too are full of color and vibrance, the audience wont know what to look at and you will probably be washed out by all the boldness in the picture! The key is to where neutral colors when doing a bold background and bold colors when doing a neutral or at least solid color background! This also goes to when you are creating content for brands! You don’t want to take away from the product by wearing colors that may be distracting to your audience because that will take away from the message about the product. I suggest wearing a neutral or white color outfit or match the colors of the product (my favorite thing to do when shooting a campaign).

This was in the beginning of my influencer journey before I realized how over editing truly took away from the beauty of the picture!

4. DON’T OVER EDIT!!! This is a huge thing in the influencer industry which is why most influencers who have larger accounts have photographers who take their pictures for them and makeup artist to ensure flawless application which means less editing. I do my own makeup and we take our own pictures but its not without lots of trial and error. Best way to take a picture without needing to do a lot editing is having good lighting and taking the picture in portrait mode on studio lighting. As long as you ensure your lighting is correct and you use these functions if you have an iPhone, you should only need to do minor adjustments to the images. Now, I’ve been working on my makeup skills for about 9-10 years and there is still work I need to do when it comes to my eyes but I definitely have come a long way! If you cant afford a makeup artist, that not a problem. YouTube and Instagram can teach you all you need to know (that’s how I learned) and I can also help along the way with product and application recommendations! Reach out and let me know, ill be happy to help! Below you will find the apps I use that will help you edit, without over doing it!  Side note: I have never used an android to take pictures so I wouldn’t know if they have functions such as the iPhone but I’m sure they do! Just be sure to check into it so you can get the best quality from your device!

5. Plan out what you want to say and plan your images around that! You would be surprised how much others can see you lack of intention, your lack of effort! They can tell when you’ve just snapped a picture without any thought as to what you looked like or the environment you were in and when you actually put work and thought into the image! Even a picture that meant to look like it was just for fun needs to have all the qualities we discussed in this blog. That’s the difference between a blogger/influencer and a personal Instagram page! As long as you are intentional, you can never go wrong with even a quick selfie!  

And that’s it, your Content Capturing Survival Guide! I truly hope you guys enjoyed this blog as much as I have creating it for you and I can’t wait to see the magic you create moving forward! Remember, your work is a direct reflection of you so be sure to capture and everything you love in the best way! I’m always available for questions and I am excited for what’s to come, for both of us!

See you guys next week and please be sure subscribe to the blog so you can know when the next blog drops! thank you for stopping by!!!!!!!!

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