Top 5 things to Help You Survive Covid-19 while Pregnant

When you find out your pregnant, so many things run through your mind. “Will it be a boy or a girl?” “Will they look like me or daddy?” “What should the nursery look like?” One thing of the scariest things that I’m sure haunts a lot of expecting mothers today is, “Will I catch Covid while pregnant?”

As careful as I was, never going in anywhere without a mask, limiting where I went all together and choosing to stay home more than go out, I still caught the disease that has plagued our nation, our world, for over a year and a half. First of all, lets clarify that we think our children contracted the disease from a birthday party we attended for one of their classmates 3 days before they began showing symptoms. Yes, the moment I let my guard down, here we are, quarantined for 10 days. Due to pregnancy lowering my immune health and causing me to be immunocompromised, I had it the worst out of all of us. Every symptom it comes with, I had, except for any oxygen issues. Here is my top 5 things I used to aid me in overcoming Covid-19 while pregnant:

1. Hot tea was my favorite thing to drink, but you have to be careful. Some herbs can cause labor such as chamomile. The one I drank throughout the entire time was a Lemon and Echinacea Tea by Bigelow. Add a little honey to it and it will soothe your throat in no time.

2. For the fever, I took Extra Strength Tylenol and though my fever lasted four days straight, it worked wonders at bringing it down and making me comfortable.

3. For the nasal and chest congestion, I took Mucinex. Be careful NOT to select Mucinex DM because that version is NOT safe while pregnant.

4. Eating was the hardest thing to do, especially when my fever was high. To help me stay nourished, I drank smoothies. Though I couldn’t taste them, the cool drink while my fever was high help a lot and they were fruit AND vegetable smoothies so they were a bit filling.

5. GET UP AND WALK AROUND! Even if it’s for a few minutes, around the house, in between naps, you have to move your body at least a little. You are also pregnant, and if you are like me, you are in the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Lying in bed all day will just make your body sore and make you feel so much worse.

I must remind you that I am not a health care physician and I do recommend speaking with your Obstetrician before taking any medication over the counter.
Praying for good health and an amazing pregnancy journey for you and baby. Remember, vaccinated or not, always do all you can to protect yourself during this crucial but beautiful time in your life.

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