1/2 Birthday Celebration with Baby Reign and VTech Baby

Hey there Friends! As you all know, It’s been quite the adventurous 6 months with baby Reign and we are excited that she is at the stage of using her bags and feet, which has made playtime the best time.
We have officially introduced her to VTECH Baby interactive, grow with me toys and she can’t get enough of all the sounds, music, colors and multiple ways to play. The Kick & Score Playgym Multi-Stage playmat has been the perfect way to “kick off” to this new stage in Reigns life (get it, “kick off” because you toy is the Kick and…well…you’ll get it later lol). This toy goes from being a laying down toy all the way to a standing toy where baby can kick the ball right into the field goal. With the detachable net and toys to aid in the transition, this toy will bring many months of fun and joy. Reign is in the laying down and sitting up stages so she has been enjoying kicking the buttons and singing along.

VTECH Baby has been around since my childhood and has yet to disappoint with so many options for all stages of development! We have also been crazy about their VTECH Turn + Learn Ferris Wheel, a toy that really caters to those with busy hands. It’s the perfect toy to introduce animals, animal sounds and song. Also perfect for keeping the little ones busy after their meal while mommy and daddy tidy up!

VTECH makes the perfect baby shower, newborn. holiday and birthday gift. Head over to https://amzn.to/3vAFSup  to check out all the latest in their innovative, educational toy line up.

See you at the next blog friends!

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