BabbleBoxx September 2022 Mom & Baby Box

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Hey friends! We have such a special treat for all of you new mommies (even if new means this your 2nd, 3rd or 4th little one! You are still new in our book).

Being a mom is such a beautiful journey but it certainly comes with it’s fair share of adjusting! BabbleBoxx’s September 2022 Mom and Baby subscription box came just in time as I have been adjusting to life with an 8 month old.

Philips Avent Anti Colic bottles are truly top notch. When we had our oldest daughter, they didn’t have a colic bottle for the babies with sensitive tummies. Fast forward 9 years and they have engineered one of the best on the market. Reign dealt with colic for several months in the beginning of her life so these bottles were all we could use and we were so grateful for them. Colic, for those who aren’t aware, is severe discomfort in the abdomen has or obstruction in the abdomen. Philips Avent Anti Colic bottles use an air free vent to keep air from getting into baby’s tummy, which creates unwanted gas/air bubbles that can be quite painful! If your baby is experiencing uncontrollable crying and seems to struggle with gas and excessive spitting up, talk to your dr about options and grab these bottles!

Philips Avent also makes one of the best pacifiers and has them attached to the sweetest little loveys. Their Soothie Snuggle pacis are the same that they use in the hospital which are the ones most babies will start off with and take home.

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Phillips Avant Anti-Colic Baby Bottle- baby-bottles

Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle-

CeraVe has been apart of my skin care routine for quite sometime now. So we were thrilled when we saw they had a baby line. CeraVe is dermatologist-developed and formulated with three essential ceramides. Reign has eczema and Cerave moisturizing wash and lotion moisturizes her skin with it no fragrance, vitamin E enriched formula! So perfect t to protect her skin from being dry and gladly during her flare ups.

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CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo:

CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Lotion:

This one is for the mommy’s! Have you heard of witch hazel? This pregnancy and postpartum journey, i really wanted to ensure I was taking advantage of products that can help me ease through the days more than previously. Witch Hazel is multi use and
has been amazing at helping me through my skin changes and the changes of my more private areas. Nothing like a natural product that has so much power. The hemorrhoid and vaginal pads are perfect for soothing any irritation or hemorrhoidal issues (something I unfortunately experienced after baby number 2. Not painful, just uncomfortable). These pads are perfect for at home and on the go!

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T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel

It’s time to play! Lamaze truly makes the best toys for these growing little souls. Anyone else with a baby who loves mouse making, light up toys?! Well it’s certainly time to play once the interactive toys come out for sweet Reign. The Soothing Heart Panda is her favorite and helps her get her naps in right on time through the day. She’s been listening to soothing music to relax since birth so anything with a light melody is right on time for her.


Speaking of relaxing and resting, she has been going through a horrible sleep regression stage. She is up atleast 2-3 times a night and with early days to get big sisters to school, mommy and daddy had to figure out how to keep her comfortable and relaxed through the night. Oilogic has essential oil infused linen spray that helps baby to remain calm, cool and collected and they drift off to dream land. Oilogic Stuffy Nose and Cough Vapor Bath has been perfect for combating the allergy season we have been currently in. All you do is pour a bit into their bathe and let them breath all the goodness in. Between these two products, she has been sleeping so much sweeter, and so have we.

Sleep Linen Mist –

Cough Vapor Bath –

We live in Houston and though we don’t get winter for too long, when it does get cold, it gets COLD! Stonz Toddler Booties are the perfect baby and toddler footwear keeping little toes from frost bite during those cold winter months. They also have the most breathable shoes for early walkers that are great for those chunky little toes thanks to the velcro closures.

Stonz shoes and booties:

All in all, finding products that will aid you in making a smooth transition is so important and these products have made this period so much more peaceful!

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